Desert Expanse Map Review

Desert Expanse Map Review

The Desert Expanse mod was created by Spencer Johnson, a map-making enthusiast who has also set up a Patreon page where he releases paid maps for the game. If you enjoy Desert Expanse and want to support Johnson's work, be sure to check out his Patreon page here:

Desert Expanse has been in development for some time, and the latest beta version (3.1.0) is now available to try out. The map is designed to be both large and diverse, with a wide range of terrain types to navigate. From rocky canyons to sandy dunes, players will have to master a variety of driving techniques in order to make it across the map.

One of the standout features of Desert Expanse is the attention to detail that has gone into the environment. The map is littered with small details and features that add to the overall immersion of the experience. From cacti and tumbleweeds to abandoned buildings and oil rigs, there's always something new to discover as you drive around the map.

Not to mention, there’s a sprawling and well thought out city right in the middle of the map to explore! Seeing a city in the middle of the desert like this certainly gives off Las Vegas vibes. Drive down the main strip and the surrounding highways and you’ll be immersed in city driving before suddenly coming right back out to more desert to explore!

In addition to the main map, Desert Expanse also includes several off-road courses that offer a more structured driving experience. These courses are designed to test your skills and challenge you to find the fastest and most efficient route to the finish line. Whether you're racing against other players or just trying to beat your own best time, these courses offer plenty of excitement and adrenaline-fueled action.

I’ve already used Desert Expanse in one of my videos, Crash Test Dummy: Road Rage 4. You can see it in action in the first scene of this video: I plan on using it for more videos in the future, so stay tuned for more!

Of course, no mod is perfect, and there are a few minor issues that players may encounter when playing Desert Expanse. The main issue is that the map is quite demanding on your computer's hardware, especially if you're playing on higher graphics settings. This can lead to slower frame rates and longer load times, which can be frustrating for some players.

Overall, however, Desert Expanse is an excellent mod that offers a fresh and exciting take on the world of With its vast, immersive environment and challenging off-road courses, it's a must-play for any fan of the game. So why not download the latest beta version and hit the dusty trails of the desert? You won't be disappointed!

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