Sadler Gorge: Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover (BeamNG Breakable Bridge Mod)

Sadler Gorge: Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover (BeamNG Breakable Bridge Mod)

I have to admit that I almost DIDN’T download Sadler Gorge when I first saw it on the mods repository. At first glance, it appeared on the surface that it was a somewhat lower quality mod as the textures in the screenshots seemed to indicate that. However, reading the description and looking a little more closely, you’ll find this interesting tidbit:

The mod includes both the map and the ‘vehicle,’ as well as a single quickrace scenario. Please bear in mind that because the map is lightmapped, a time-of-day feature is neither available nor possible, and there might be some extra performance overhead from the lights used to spruce up the shadows.

Vehicle? What vehicle?

Well, as it turns out, it’s not a “vehicle” in the traditional sense but rather a fully JBeam’d bridge in the middle of the map! This means that the bridge is completely destructible and will crumble under the load of multiple or heavy vehicles. In addition, because the bridge is treated as a “vehicle”, it can be reset at any time. This makes it great for doing load testing! Below is my first video that I created using the map and bridge.


The fact that some of the textures in the map are “lower” quality is made up for by the bridge which is clearly the intended focus of the map. The map provides the perfect showcase for the destructible bridge as it crosses over a very deep canyon/gorge causing instant carnage for any cars that fall from it!

For anyone who downloads this mod, you will also have the bridge automatically added to your vehicle inventory under the name “truss_bridge”. This means that it can be added to any map within the game using the Vehicle Selector (Ctrl+E) and can be placed anywhere within the map using the World Editor (F11). This is great for creating your own bridges to experiment with, including adding multiple destructible bridges in a row to create a longer span. In the video below, I did exactly that by creating my own bridge over the highway in the West Coast, USA map.


I highly recommend downloading the Sadler Gorge mod as it not only gives you access to the Sadler Gorge map to experiment with the destructible bridge, but it gives you the flexibility to place the bridge in any map as well! This mod is a must-have for any player who enjoys testing the physics and creating some truly spectacular crash scenarios!

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