Crash Test Dummy Driver in

Crash Test Dummy Driver in

UPDATE 5/19/2018: In addition to the below, the user synsol has created a mod that allows you to place both the crash test dummy and The Stig in almost all of the stock vehicles and even some mods. You can download the mod here:

UPDATE 7/11/2017: You can now add not one but TWO Stigs in the Maluch 126p so I’ve added this vehicle to the blog post below 🙂

One of the things I get asked the most on my Crash Test Dummy videos is how to put a crash test dummy in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. And for good reason! How awesome would it be to see how a crash test dummy would react in a variety of crash scenarios? When it comes to whether this can be done, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is, it can actually be done! The bad? It can’t be done for every vehicle.

If you’re not aware, there is a Crash Test Dummy mod available which provides you with a replica crash test dummy that can be placed around the map. However, if you try to position the dummy in a vehicle, you’ll find that it’s near impossible to do so. The only real way to get a dummy in the driver’s seat is to find a vehicle mod that supports adding the dummy as a vehicle configuration item. This is the reason that it can’t be done for any vehicle since the creator of the mod has to include it with their mod. So which vehicle mods include the crash test dummy as a driver? See the list below.

1. Codename: Oldsfullsize

This vehicle is based off the famous Oldsmobile of the 1980’s and includes a number of default vehicles that have the crash test dummy in the driver’s seat. That being said, any of the vehicles included with this mod can have the crash test dummy (or alternatively, The Stig) placed in the driver’s seat. You can do so by opening the Vehicle Configuration menu and selecting a driver.

DOWNLOAD: Visit the Codename: Oldsfullsize mod page to download the mod!
IMPORTANT: This will only include a single base model of the vehicle. In order to get the entire pack of cars, you must download the add-on pack as well.


2. Blue Bird Bus (Type-C) Front Engine

UPDATE 7/17/2017: Sadly it seems that this mod is no longer available due to copyright issues. Hopefully the creator will update it soon to allow it to be re-uploaded. In the meantime, I will leave it on this list with the link to the original mod page in case it comes back.

The Blue Bird Bus is modeled after a typical American school bus and by default includes The Stig dummy in the driver’s seat! Unlike the Codename: Oldsfullsize mod mentioned above, The Stig comes default with the vehicle so all you need to do is download the mod! There’s no need to add The Stig dummy as a Vehicle Configuration item as he will be there already.

DOWNLOAD: Visit the Blue Bird Bus (Type-C) Front Engine mod page to download the mod!

3. Charmand 1104 B

The Charmand 1104 B is based off of the 1988 – 1996 Renault Clio and comes with a few default models that include The Stig in the vehicle’s driver’s seat. I find this vehicle to be similar to the Ibishu Covet which can be a fun vehicle to destroy. So just imagine a vehicle similar to the Covet that also allows you to put a crash test dummy in the driver’s seat!

DOWNLOAD: Visit the Charmand 1104 B mod page to download the mod!


4. Maluch 126p

The Maluch 126p is based off of the popular Polish Fiat 126p. Although this car mod has been around for some time now, it was recently updated to support The Stig driver. And then, just a day later, it was updated again to support two Stig drivers! After the first update, I made a video showcasing the hilariousness of having The Stig in such a small car and seeing how he reacts to crashes:

This vehicle was already one of my favourites and now that it has the ability to add The Stig, it’s easily in my Top 10 favourite mods! Check out the download link below to try it out for yourself!

DOWNLOAD: Visit the Maluch mod page to download the mod!

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