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If you’re new to and purchased the game from Steam, you might be wondering where you can download mods from. Most games purchased through Steam also give you access to the game’s Steam Workshop where you can download community-created mods., however, does not have a Steam Workshop for mods. That doesn’t mean mods aren’t available for the game, they’re just not available in the Steam Workshop. Instead, the game’s creators have created a mods page on their website for anyone to download mods. So if you haven’t checked it out already, head on over to the Mods page.

If you need help installing the mods, their Wiki will explain the installation process, or you can check out the below video that I created outlining the process for downloading and installing mods.

If you’re wondering why the developers do it this way, instead of having a Steam Workshop, the reasons are outlined below as described by a BeamNG support employee:

Steam Workshop doesn’t allow for:

  • Moderation
  • Helping Modders
  • Checks

Not to mention Humble Bundle users (that choose to not use Steam) cannot use Steam Workshop!

We have our own system here:
It is built with similar ideas, but it can have more and more features.

It does allow for:

  • Moderation
  • Helping Modders
  • Checks
  • Automatic Mod Installation
  • Manual Mod Installation

And more to come..

So as you can see, it actually makes a lot of sense having a separate mods page as it wouldn’t be fair to those who didn’t purchase the game from Steam and it allows for additional features!

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