Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to my new site!

As many of you know, I’ve only been YouTube-ing for a short period. When I started off in September 2016, my channel name was completely unrelated to BeamNG.drive (trivia: does anyone remember what my original channel name was??).

I began uploading videos of one of my favorite simulation games – BeamNG.drive. Evidently, you guys seemed to like what I was doing as I almost immediately began receiving a significant number of views on my videos! Since then, I’ve made it my goal to keep creating awesome content for you guys while continuously trying to improve and try new things!

I’m now fully committed to creating BeamNG.drive videos and I always want to hear my audience’s feedback. You guys are always giving me great suggestions and ideas while offering up suggestions for improvement!

To continue my engagement with my viewers, I recently began doing live streams giving you guys the opportunity to make crash requests and see them happen live on the stream! This is something that I plan on continuing to do, so keep an eye out for future live streams!

As I spend a lot of time in BeamNG.drive and reading about the latest news, mods, etc., I wanted to create a site where I can share some of this info as well as my views and opinions on BeamNG happenings with you. I will be using this site to bring you news, reviews, info, videos and more to all my fans. One of the first things that I’m going to start doing is creating a “tips and tricks” series where I will provide tutorials and tips on certain things in BeamNG.drive. Stay tuned!

Hopefully this site will be a great resource for all of you when it comes to BeamNG.drive! It will continue to grow over the coming months as I add more and more content so keep an eye on this site as we grow it together!

As always, I appreciate all of your support and I always look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!


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